All the Difference A Day Makes

advertising / case study / digital campaigns / performance / rapid response / results   Posted on Jul 8, 2013 by Amy Niles Gonzalez

There’s an old saying: timing is everything. It applies to sports, cooking, love and yes, digital campaigns as well.

Sometimes events are truly unexpected, and your only choice is to respond as quickly as possible. These are times where you jump on the news cycle as it’s occurring or see something trending and amplify like mad to increase the impact of what’s already spreading on it’s own.

Other times though, you know something’s going to happen or you have a sense that it is likely to pop. These times you can plan a little, and get out in front of events, and help shape the nature of the conversation.

Here are two recent examples of campaigns we ran in which timing was critical:

Example 1: The International Election Campaign

The date of the election is generally know well in advance, while the outcome is not. For this election, we launched a campaign to encourage election monitoring and citizen reporting of election violations. It was short and sweet, and ran just before and just after Election Day.

A quick look at the results clearly shows when the message was most relevant, leading up to and on Election Day. On those days, the messaging resonated most and saw the greatest response, tapering off after the day passed, and settling on a steady state.

In hindsight it would’ve been great to run the messages even a few days earlier to Election Day, as there was great interest in anticipation of the day. We’re looking forward for another opportunity to test this.

Example 2: The Fundraising Campaign Combined with Legislative Action

Here’s an example of a fiscal year end fundraising campaign that evolved as circumstances changed. Like the election campaign, with a fiscal year end, the deadline is known far in advance, and the trick is to get the word out, and build momentum to the final day. 

As above, the campaign picked up speed and performance each day as the deadline approached, with impressions, clicks and donations all increasing.

Yet the peak was not the final day, but rather Day 4 of the campaign. An interesting thing happened. Three days prior to the end of the fiscal year, events in one state created the perfect opportunity to help people make the connection why contributing to the organization mattered. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

The legislative events enabled us to layer in new messaging that was even more timely and relevant. This made that day (Day 4) the peak of the campaign, accelerating a steady build through the end of the fiscal year.

As we can see in both examples, timing is key to the success of the campaign, and recognizing and reacting quickly to adapt the campaigns were crucial to their success. Every day matters. So be sure to be remember that when planning your next campaign!

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